3 Types Of Men That You Are Stuck Dating After 40

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Some mail order bride wonder if all of the good guys are taken but a time to get to their 40s. When women in their 40s enter the dating pool, they are struck by the unique characters that they find there. Some say that there’s truth to the adage that all of the best ones are taken. Which means that if any of these guys were any good, it would’ve been snatched up years ago.

Here are three types of men that you find in the dating pool when you’re in your 40s.

The man that is set in his ways

You can call this man a confirmed bachelor. He is someone that is used to living a single life and loving it. He’s happy and content being alone and doing his own thing. Therefore, when you try to date him, you will often find that it is hard to get him to do new things. If you ask him where he likes to eat, he will pick a restaurant that he goes too frequently instead of trying the new café that just opened up. If you try to introduce them to new activities, you may find that he is not open to trying something new. This man has a set routine that is hard to get him to snap out of easily. The tip when dating this kind of man is to ease into the relationship and don’t try to get him to change overnight. Chances are he did not formulate all of his routines overnight, therefore, he should not try to make him change overnight. Patience is key.

The man that is commitment phobic

When a man gets in his 40s, their chances thought that he may be confirmed bachelor and maybe not even know it. If he is over age 40 without having been married or even in a relationship for more than five years, he may never get into one. Even if he dates you, he may have no plans of taking you to the altar. He may tell you that he still looking for the right woman – for years. What this usually means is that he’s looking for the perfect woman and we all know that she does not exist. When you’re dating this type of man just keep in mind that he is the dating kind and not the marrying kind.

The angry man

This is a man who can never find anything right in the world. If you ask him, he’ll probably see that he sees the glass half empty. He may be actually trying to find the right woman but hasn’t found it yet and it starts blaming the whole world for his problems. Well, that’s just too bad. When you date him, you will find out that nothing is ever right. What this man needs is probably an attitude adjustment and not a date. Be wary of this type. He will not find satisfaction in anything much less anything that you do. When you first meet him, you may not realize that he’s this type because he’s probably just putting his best foot forward. However, this act only lasts for so long before he shows his true self. Once he removes his mask, run far very far away.

Women just need to be smart when they are dating men in their 40s. Contrary to popular belief, there are still some good ones left – you just have to know where to look for them. It is important to recognize the tips that are listed above so that you will not run into the wrong man and continue to date him. Learning how to recognize a good man if half of the equation to dating success.