6 Lies Singles Tell Themselves About Love After 40

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Love is one such beautiful feeling which has the power to take you to a different world. Undoubtedly, it is the best antidepressant. If you have less love, you are likely to feel more depressed. And when it comes to falling in love at age of 40, we often feel that it’s impossible now. It is important to understand the fact that it is never too late. After all, age no bar to fall in love.

If you are single and over 40, you might have a past love life. There is a high possibility that you could not find the right person yet. May be you’re divorced or may be a widow/widower who never thought of finding another man/woman. The reason behind these might be that you are telling yourself several lies about love after 40.

Such as:

  1. All the good men/women are taken: Do not believe that there are no good matches for you. A good man stayed single for the same reason a woman did. Some had their heart broken earlier but since they recovered, they are also looking for a person like you.
  2. Those available are liars and cheats: It is just not possible that every man or mail order bride is a liar. There are definitely some who do not cheat, lie. If you believe everyone is wonderful, you will see examples to support that.
  3. Unable to meet interesting people: This can be no excuse. You should be active and interactive. Dating is no harm. Even if you dislike one, there are many others in queue.
  4. No time to date: It is acceptable that you are busy but to find love, you will need to make it a priority. Spare time and meet new people at least once a week. Register yourself at online dating site and put efforts.
  5. I am done with my shot at love: You might have this feeling particularly when you had a wonderful relationship in past. But you are a magnet for love, so you can certainly find great love once again.
  6. What if he/she isn’t a 10/10: The idea of perfection won’t work at this age since the chances of perfect partner knocking at your door are zero. Accept the fact that no one is perfect but there is definitely a right person still waiting for you.

Overcome with negative thoughts that prevent you from moving on by reviewing these lies and try to convert them to create opportunities.