6 Reasons Why It Is Hard To Find A Man After 40

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In addressing this issue, we first have to ask ourselves: Can you date a woman of 40 years and above? If No, then why?

Truth be told, this actually sound unfair to the female world. As a mail order bride, dating really sucks once you reach 40 years and above. Your face becomes blighted with wrinkles and age spots. Your bosoms will sag down to your ribcage. Your fannies will droop as well. With your slim waistlines replaced with doughnuts you dare not try to put on short shorts in the summer.

On a more serious note, all these are just physical appearances. Men are only looking for casual relationships, for beauty and youth, while women are seeking companionship and maturity. This is one thing men should always realize. There’s more to a relationship than these. Some of the reasons why women often find dating over 40 hard include:

Physical Attraction

If a woman is not regarded to be sexually desirable, maybe due to her age or if her appearance doesn’t measure up to male standards, she may be denied a sexual life or even a serious relationship. Most men are of the belief that physical attraction gives access to all the other qualities which go with a relationship: love, intimacy, and companionship.

High Expectations

An intolerant woman will automatically reject a man on shallow information. If the man turns up on a first date putting on the wrong shirt or having an out of date eyeglasses or haircut, or even if he is a bit reserved, she doesn’t feel impressed enough. She loses interest and discards the man like an evening trash. The expectation about the guy’s maturity level is way too high.


Most single 40 women are usually divorced with kids. Their changing expectations often make them less eager to put up with another bad marriage, whereas, most men seem less able to handle single life. They tend to enter into a new relationship more quickly.

Shortage of older men

Women prefer to date older men. Since they are above 40 already, they will be looking for men over 40 obviously. The sad part is there are fewer single men in their forties. Even these few prefer to go for much younger women. The older the men are, the wider the age gap they are seeking for.

Furthermore, it is more socially acceptable for older men to go out with younger women than for older women to go out with younger women.

Very Selective

Women above 40 years are often choosy. They make a list of all what they seek in a man. You will just be like- “what don’t you rather go on and create your perfect guy?” You will see things like: they must not: be a liar, have a fear of intimacy, be a drunk, be a cheater, be broke, be boring, be selfish in bed, hate their job, have bad breath, wear dirty socks to bed — don’t you actually feel the list is too much?

Searching for a better relationship

In their course of searching for a better relationship, they read all sorts of articles and books that tell you not to stay in a bad relationship. This makes you feel that any relationship that you might have, has to be better than the previous. Then, disappointment set in.

In conclusion, even though it may be hard to find love again once you are above 40, but that doesn’t mean you have to be desperate and set your expectations too low. If you do this, expect another failed relationship sooner or later. One thing you should know is there is a man for every single lady out there. Besides, age is just a number.