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6 Reasons Why It Is Hard To Find A Man After 40

In addressing this issue, we first have to ask ourselves: Can you date a woman of 40 years and above? If No, then why?

Truth be told, this actually sound unfair to the female world. As a woman, dating really sucks once you reach 40 years and above. Your face becomes blighted with wrinkles and age spots. Your bosoms will sag down to your ribcage. Your fannies will droop as well. With your slim waistlines replaced with doughnuts you dare not try to put on short shorts in the summer.

On a more serious note, all these are just physical appearances. Men are only looking for casual relationships, for beauty and youth, while women are seeking companionship and maturity. This is one thing men should always realize. There’s more to a relationship than these. Some of the reasons why women often find dating over 40 hard include:

Physical Attraction

If a woman is not regarded to be sexually desirable, maybe due to her age or if her appearance doesn’t measure up to male standards, she may be denied a sexual life or even a serious relationship. Most men are of the belief that physical attraction gives access to all the other qualities which go with a relationship: love, intimacy, and companionship.

High Expectations

An intolerant woman will automatically reject a man on shallow information. If the man turns up on a first date putting on the wrong shirt or having an out of date eyeglasses or haircut, or even if he is a bit reserved, she doesn’t feel impressed enough. She loses interest and discards the man like an evening trash. The expectation about the guy’s maturity level is way too high.


Most single 40 women are usually divorced with kids. Their changing expectations often make them less eager to put up with another bad marriage, whereas, most men seem less able to handle single life. They tend to enter into a new relationship more quickly.

Shortage of older men

Women prefer to date older men. Since they are above 40 already, they will be looking for men over 40 obviously. The sad part is there are fewer single men in their forties. Even these few prefer to go for much younger women. The older the men are, the wider the age gap they are seeking for.

Furthermore, it is more socially acceptable for older men to go out with younger women than for older women to go out with younger women.

Very Selective

Women above 40 years are often choosy. They make a list of all what they seek in a man. You will just be like- “what don’t you rather go on and create your perfect guy?” You will see things like: they must not: be a liar, have a fear of intimacy, be a drunk, be a cheater, be broke, be boring, be selfish in bed, hate their job, have bad breath, wear dirty socks to bed — don’t you actually feel the list is too much?

Searching for a better relationship

In their course of searching for a better relationship, they read all sorts of articles and books that tell you not to stay in a bad relationship. This makes you feel that any relationship that you might have, has to be better than the previous. Then, disappointment set in.

In conclusion, even though it may be hard to find love again once you are above 40, but that doesn’t mean you have to be desperate and set your expectations too low. If you do this, expect another failed relationship sooner or later. One thing you should know is there is a man for every single lady out there. Besides, age is just a number.


For Over 40 Singles: 7 Ways To Turn The Online Dating Into The Real World (Go On A Real Date)

As interesting as online dating can be for men over 40 and women over 40, the problem lies when trying to transition from online dating to real world dating. This is one of the issues surrounding online dating which is often overlooked. However, it is very important to talk about it so as to reduce the amount of time being spent online talking to people with whom you might end up not connecting to in real life. Let us take a look at things you need to do to turn online dating into real world.

You have to be yourself

This is one of the many tips to meet your online date in person. It can’t be stressed enough. You just have to be yourself. Completely. Why should you even pretend to be someone else? How will you feel when you decide to meet and you are been met by a completely different person? This isn’t cool, neither is it honest enough.

Do things that will keep the momentum going.

For a successful transitioning of online dating to the real world, you have to take action and keep the momentum going. Why should you keep exchanging emails back and forth for close to two weeks or even more? The moment you seem interested, nothing stops you from giving him or her your phone number.

Online dating is a momentum centered thing. The same person you are talking to is also taking with five, six, or even ten other people. You have to keep doing things that distinct you from the group. After exchanging emails twice or thrice, get his or her digits, speak on the phone, set up a meeting.

Use the right type of photos as your profile pictures

Every single one of your profile pictures must be current. Try as much as possible to make use of your full body shots. The pictures you upload on your online profile has to be such which makes you clearly visible and recognizable to the partner you are meeting.

Go through their profile.

Dodge any horrible surprises. You can avoid saying “hi” to the wrong person or calling your date the wrong name by going through their online profile again. Take notice of the important details. You can also go through some, if not all of your previous conversations before you meet. With this, you will have more things to converse about.

Avoid talking about past relationships.

Taking about previous relationships is a big no-no. If you are ready to move on with a new date, you have no reason talking about past relationships. If you still do, perhaps you’re not ready to move on. Take time to get over your last relationship before thinking about a new one.


At the time you are still getting to know more about your date, try not to be prepping the next thing to say while he or she is still talking. Ask a question to get him or her to explain more about what is just being said. This gives them the impression that you’re interested that and you are also paying attention. Try to balance the listening and talking ratio.

Display positive body language.

This is for the women over 40. In case you will like to still have a second date, display some encouraging body language. This is different from flirting, it only shows you are interested. Lean towards him while he is talking, smile, and make eye contact. In fact, you will end up doing these things unconsciously if you really like him.

These are some of the steps you need to take in transitioning an online date into the real world.


For Singles Over 40, What Kind Of Behavior Will Drive Men Away?


3 Types Of Men That You Are Stuck Dating After 40

Some women wonder if all of the good guys are taken but a time to get to their 40s. When women in their 40s enter the dating pool, they are struck by the unique characters that they find there. Some say that there’s truth to the adage that all of the best ones are taken. Which means that if any of these guys were any good, it would’ve been snatched up years ago.

Here are three types of men that you find in the dating pool when you’re in your 40s.

The man that is set in his ways

You can call this man a confirmed bachelor. He is someone that is used to living a single life and loving it. He’s happy and content being alone and doing his own thing. Therefore, when you try to date him, you will often find that it is hard to get him to do new things. If you ask him where he likes to eat, he will pick a restaurant that he goes too frequently instead of trying the new café that just opened up. If you try to introduce them to new activities, you may find that he is not open to trying something new. This man has a set routine that is hard to get him to snap out of easily. The tip when dating this kind of man is to ease into the relationship and don’t try to get him to change overnight. Chances are he did not formulate all of his routines overnight, therefore, he should not try to make him change overnight. Patience is key.

The man that is commitment phobic

When a man gets in his 40s, their chances thought that he may be confirmed bachelor and maybe not even know it. If he is over age 40 without having been married or even in a relationship for more than five years, he may never get into one. Even if he dates you, he may have no plans of taking you to the altar. He may tell you that he still looking for the right woman – for years. What this usually means is that he’s looking for the perfect woman and we all know that she does not exist. When you’re dating this type of man just keep in mind that he is the dating kind and not the marrying kind.

The angry man

This is a man who can never find anything right in the world. If you ask him, he’ll probably see that he sees the glass half empty. He may be actually trying to find the right woman but hasn’t found it yet and it starts blaming the whole world for his problems. Well, that’s just too bad. When you date him, you will find out that nothing is ever right. What this man needs is probably an attitude adjustment and not a date. Be wary of this type. He will not find satisfaction in anything much less anything that you do. When you first meet him, you may not realize that he’s this type because he’s probably just putting his best foot forward. However, this act only lasts for so long before he shows his true self. Once he removes his mask, run far very far away.

Women just need to be smart when they are dating men in their 40s. Contrary to popular belief, there are still some good ones left – you just have to know where to look for them. It is important to recognize the tips that are listed above so that you will not run into the wrong man and continue to date him. Learning how to recognize a good man if half of the equation to dating success.


Try being a little flexible with your preferences when dating after 40

Dating as a youngster is completely different from dating at the age of forty. At 40, your outlook towards love, life and relationship is not the same as before. Apart from this, you are more stable financially in comparison to what you were when you had just started off or were still in your college. However, dating people at a younger age meant you could test and try a relationship and end it or take it further, depending upon your preference. On the other hand, dating at 40 implies that you won’t find many people interested in your or falling for you instantly. Hence, if you’re looking to date someone at 40 then try to be more flexible instead of choosy about your partners.

What is dating at 40 like?

When it comes to dating at 40, you must first try to understand and analyze your dating preferences. Think about the kind of partner you would want to have in your life. Also, decide whether you want to establish a long term relationship or simply need a casual dating partner. This will give you a sort of clarity regarding the type of partner and dating relationship you really want.

Another thing that both older men and mature women need to understand is that by the time they are in their forties they are more comfortable and happy with themselves. You have a clear understanding of things that you like or dislike and you wouldn’t want anybody’s interference. However, many things will not be the same when a person walks into your life. You will have to make certain adjustments and compromises in accordance with your partner’s interests and preferences. Hence, if your partner asks you to accompany him/her to the museum, art gallery or café, then be flexible enough to accommodate their plans and interests into your schedule. You may not like being at these places and may have completely different interests, hobbies or preferences but if you’re truly in love with your partner then agree to their plans on certain occasions.

Dating at forty also implies that you will have to be flexible enough to accept your partner and his/her personal life. At forty, you won’t find single elite men/women easily. Thus, if you’re dating someone who is single but has kids or even if you’re with a person who’s a divorcee, then accept their past and make them a part of your present to build a spectacular future together.


Difficulties That 40 Plus Singles Face While Dating

There’s no specific age for dating. As an individual, you can choose to date when you’re absolutely ready for it. However, being in a relationship at twenties and thirties is completely different from dating someone in your forties. At 40, you are highly experienced in matters of love, life and relationships unlike in your twenties or thirties when you’re flirting and dating every other individual you admire. In fact, dating at forty comes with its own set of challenges and hurdles. Here, discover some of the difficulties that 40 plus singles face while dating.

You Feel Insecure: When you’re dating someone at forty, you automatically feel insecure about your relationship. Whether you’re a man who is dating a young girl or an older woman who has fallen for a young man, you won’t feel too confident about your relationship, especially when you find your partners appreciating other people their age. In fact, you may often feel that why do your partners want to date or be with you when they have plenty of other young individuals falling for them.

You are Scared of Commitment: Yet another difficulty of dating at the age of forty is that you are scared of commitment. When you’re in your forties and single, you are pretty much aware of how relationships work. You know that for establishing a successful relationship, you’ll have to put in a great deal of effort, commitment and understanding. However, not every man or woman in their forties is willing to sacrifice and commit, which eventually forces them to end their relationship forever.

You Want to Dominate: At forty, you don’t want a partner who sets rules and guidelines for you. You are very comfortable in your skin and want to live your life as per your own terms and conditions. In fact, whether you’re a man or woman, you will always want to dominate your partners instead of allowing them to function independently. This could affect your relationship in a negative way and your partner may not want to stick around for too long.

You Don’t Like Partying a Lot: While, men and women love to party as youngsters, the scenario is completely different at forty. People don’t want to party or enjoy night outs with their partners every now and then. At 40, both men and women want to stay behind and relax at home instead of spending their entire night and day with their partners and friends. This could hamper your relationship in a huge way, especially when you’re dating someone half your age and you may choose to go separate ways forever.


Dating Women in 40s – Where Boomers Can Meet Quality Women After 40

If you happen to be a single man in 40s or 50s, you should be well – aware of the hardships of finding the right match in the same age bracket. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you should give up on finding a companion. The introduction of niche dating sites catering to the needs of senior singles seem to be doing a splendid job at fulfilling the needs of hundreds of thousands of boomers from across the globe.

All you need to do is register with the particular site, create a detailed and honest profile and start browsing through scores of amazing profiles online. As a rule of the thumb, paid websites are known to be a safer bet as they have more genuine users and don’t predate on your information. Here are a few tips that would help you find the perfect partner online:

Join a reputed dating site: There are many newer websites available on the market that promise to offer more features at a discounted rate, which happens to be way lesser than other services. While expensive doesn’t always translate into better quality of service, it wouldn’t be wise to join a website that has a massive membership base but lacks on the privacy front. Reputed websites are high on innovation, which means they have better search options, more active users to connect with and above all, capable of safeguarding your personal information.

Avoid nitpicking: Although dating sites have made it possible for senior singles over 40 to find match based on their unique preferences, doesn’t mean you should be nitpicking and hunt for the person who is your mirror image. It is good to have a few differences, which only adds an element of surprise to the relationship. It is essential you remain a little flexible while looking out for a partner. If you’re looking to have a family and kids, it is to be borne in mind that wasting time on unnecessary things will only make things tougher.

Sharpen up your social skills: There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that senior dating sites have simplified the process of dating to quite an extent. However, it is also worth mentioning that convincing someone that you’d prove to be the ideal match only through words and without the help of body language is not a walk in the park. Start off by making an awesome profile, followed by reaching out to people whom you find interesting.

Boomers who are new to the idea of online senior dating need to pull their socks and establish trust among rich women over 40. It is essential that you determine whether or not the expectations of the person whom you’re chatting with aligns with yours before you spend time on them.


Women Over 40 Dating – Big Turnoffs that Drive Men Away

Dating over 40 is already difficult and you wouldn’t want to make it worse by adding to the complication. Dating over 40 is a territory where a lot of people tend to falter as they fail to get acquainted with the latest trends and refrain from understanding the unique requirements of their prospective partners. Women over 40 who enter the scene face a hard time getting used to the new ecosystem. Although dating sites for people over 40 years are abundant, they do have a learning curve. In addition to this, they’d also have to understand that the same approach might not work against different persons.

Here is a list of some of the biggest turnoffs that drive men away:

Being their only priority: Knowing their you’re a man’s number one priority gives an immense ego boost but at the same time realizing that you’re their only priority is a turn off. Men are more likely to connect with women who have other things happening in their lives. You could either have a job, a hobby, or having a group of friends to hang out with. A woman whose only priority is her man, would not only put immense amounts of pressure but also put his freedom in danger.

Gross dirty talk: It is important to know the difference being a little sleazy and being absolutely gross. Although men appreciate a little dirty talk in the bed that turns them on, too much of it is a big turn off. Referring to yourself as “daddy’s little girl” or a “bitch who has lost her way” are gross and aren’t very likely to turn on a man’s sexual desires.

Way too much emphasis on the future: A lot of men want to get married and have children but they just don’t want to talk about it on the first, second or even the third date. While men do understand that you’re 40 and growing older could make it difficult to have babies, they don’t like to speak about it unless they’re serious about having a future with you.

Assuming all men are same: You might have had bad experiences with a lot of men in the past but that doesn’t mean every man in the world wants to cheat on you. Since guys don’t expect their partners to be like any of the negative stereotypes, they expect women to show the same courtesy towards them. Letting a couple of bad experiences influence the way you think about men will only drive them away.

Women over 40 who have entered the dating scenario but failed to taste any success should take cues from the aforementioned guidelines and ensure they don’t make the same mistakes over and over again.


How to Get Your Children Involved When Dating Over 40?

Although most parents don’t pay heed to it, involving your children in the dating process fetches rich dividends in the longer run. Single parents that have been on the hunt for a match in order to begin the second innings in life often make the mistake of keeping their children away from the process of dating. It is worth bearing in mind that not every man is capable of accepting children having a different biological father. Besides, some men might be frightened of taking the responsibility of children.

As soon as you’re officially seeing out a partner, you should get it out in the open. You wouldn’t want to get along with a man or woman who doesn’t like kids, would you?

Initial Resistance

Your children are certainly going to figure out that you’ve been dating someone, long before you actually confess it. Older children find it a lot more difficult to assimilate a new person to the family. They would prefer to have you all to themselves and would certainly find it tough to visualize you with another man, who isn’t their biological father. At the end of the day, it comes down to loyalty and division of your attention.

Premature attachment in case of younger kids

Younger kids have the tendency of getting attached with people who are good to them. In fact, they haven’t reached a point in life where they can take decisions and take various parameters into account. This is why you better be sure about the potential of the relationship before you introduce your potential mate to your child.

Avoid making him/her a part of family affairs

A lot of single parents make the mistake of making their new found love a part of all major family affairs. In the initial stages, you should be looking to build a stronger rapport with your partner. If you try to make him a part of the family from the beginning, you wouldn’t be able to maintain the right kind of balance.

Don’t be in hurry

You don’t have to rush through things. You have plenty of time to ensure everyone gets used to each others’ company. If you still aren’t sure or unable to take the decision, it would be better to back off and not take a risk after having a failed relationship earlier. This is your opportunity to having a life of happiness and contentment. If you are unable to judge the person, wait for the right situation to come along and then make a choice.

It is also essential that you reassure your children that you still love them and the inclusion of a new family member wouldn’t make things any different. Make sure they’re part of the entire process as it will help in eliminating any king of fear or concerns regarding the new addition to the family.


Benefits of Dating At or After Attaining 40

Dating at eighteen is quite different from dating at forty. When you are in your teens and twenties, you tend to get attracted to every other person you meet or find interesting. On the contrary, when you’re forty, you develop the right amount of patience and maturity in matters of love and hence want to be selective about the person you date or go around with. With age you tend to act wisely and are in no hurry to fall for someone. Thus, it won’t be incorrect to say that life begins at forty, especially when it comes to dating and falling in love. Here, find out some advantages of dating at forty.

Benefits of Dating at 40

By or after forty, most of the men and women are experienced enough in matters of love, dating, sex and relationships. This provides them with the much needed scope to think before they act. Thus, after attaining forty years of age, people tend to become choosy about the traits or qualities that they want in their partners and don’t hasten into having unnecessary affairs.

Another advantage of being single at forty is that you don’t have to end up with someone who’s either struggling financially or isn’t matured enough to handle relationships. You can take your time to find out more about the person you consider worth your time and learn more about his/her likes and dislikes before taking a long-term decision. At forty, you no longer feel insecure about anything and our willing to spend enough time in deeply understanding and analyzing a person. By this time and age, people who are still single become self-reliant and have lots of money at their disposal. This makes them suitable candidates for many other singles who are also seeking support and security in the name of love. Thus, you have plenty of options before you and can take your relationship decisions only after you’ve found the love of your life. Yet another benefit of dating after forty is that by this time one has managed to expand and include a number of friends in their lives. These friends can help you identify your shortcomings and negative traits, which you can get rid of, especially if you’re serious about dating and relationship.

To conclude, by 40 people tend to act realistically and practically in matters of love and dating. Instead of creating hype around romance and romantic relationships, they’re more interested in finding and spending their lives with someone who’s honest, trustworthy, fun and exciting to be with.


Dating Over 40 – Why It’s Never Too Late?

It is said that love knows no age, so why should people looking to find a match, worry while seeking a companion when they’re over 40? Well, you might argue saying the society may oppose it but do you really need to worry about what other have to say regarding your relationship?

Why do people over 40 tend to give up?

There is a misconception in the society that people seeking a partner at the age of 40 are dominant and a failure at keeping relationships afloat. While there is absolutely no reality in this notion, it has made a significant impact on the minds of over 40 singles. Over the course of time, these individuals gave up the dating altogether.

Why should people over 40 look forward to getting into a relationship?

According to statistics, singles in the age bracket of 30 – 40 suffer from mental disorders, including depression. While it might be difficult to understand the cause of depression, given the fact that they’re relatively successful and have no financial issues, they do feel lonely having no one to speak with. According to dating experts, people aged 40 and up, should try to find a companion as it would help them deal with depression more effectively.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to date someone younger to you or of the same age, having a companion certainly makes a remarkable difference.

The odds of finding a match – The real picture

A majority of older singles (in the age bracket of 40 – 50) are in the impression that finding a companion at that age is a herculean task that would require a great deal of time and effort. While things would have certainly been different about 15 years ago, the inception of dating sites and apps for singles over 40 has made the process simpler and hassle – free. On the other hand, dating sites for over 40 singles don’t compromise on your privacy, courtesy of built – in communication options and top notch search filters that enable users to connect with like – minded people with ease.

Increasing your chances of finding a match

Building a profile on a dating site isn’t the end of the story. It is essential you make a great deal of effort looking out for the right kind of people and interacting with them on a fairly regular basis before taking the relationship further. Also, you’d have to determine whether the person is genuine and delivers as per your expectations. Remember, this isn’t the time for experiments and you’d have to be specific about what you’re looking for in a partner. Make the most of all the features available on these sites to find the perfect companion.