For Over 40 Singles: 7 Ways To Turn The Online Dating Into The Real World (Go On A Real Date)

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As interesting as online dating can be for men over 40 and women over 40, the problem lies when trying to transition from online dating to real world mail order bride dating. This is one of the issues surrounding online dating which is often overlooked. However, it is very important to talk about it so as to reduce the amount of time being spent online talking to people with whom you might end up not connecting to in real life. Let us take a look at things you need to do to turn online dating into real world.

You have to be yourself

This is one of the many tips to meet your online date in person. It can’t be stressed enough. You just have to be yourself. Completely. Why should you even pretend to be someone else? How will you feel when you decide to meet and you are been met by a completely different person? This isn’t cool, neither is it honest enough.

Do things that will keep the momentum going.

For a successful transitioning of online dating to the real world, you have to take action and keep the momentum going. Why should you keep exchanging emails back and forth for close to two weeks or even more? The moment you seem interested, nothing stops you from giving him or her your phone number.

Online dating is a momentum centered thing. The same person you are talking to is also taking with five, six, or even ten other people. You have to keep doing things that distinct you from the group. After exchanging emails twice or thrice, get his or her digits, speak on the phone, set up a meeting.

Use the right type of photos as your profile pictures

Every single one of your profile pictures must be current. Try as much as possible to make use of your full body shots. The pictures you upload on your online profile has to be such which makes you clearly visible and recognizable to the partner you are meeting.

Go through their profile.

Dodge any horrible surprises. You can avoid saying “hi” to the wrong person or calling your date the wrong name by going through their online profile again. Take notice of the important details. You can also go through some, if not all of your previous conversations before you meet. With this, you will have more things to converse about.

Avoid talking about past relationships.

Taking about previous relationships is a big no-no. If you are ready to move on with a new date, you have no reason talking about past relationships. If you still do, perhaps you’re not ready to move on. Take time to get over your last relationship before thinking about a new one.


At the time you are still getting to know more about your date, try not to be prepping the next thing to say while he or she is still talking. Ask a question to get him or her to explain more about what is just being said. This gives them the impression that you’re interested that and you are also paying attention. Try to balance the listening and talking ratio.

Display positive body language.

This is for the women over 40. In case you will like to still have a second date, display some encouraging body language. This is different from flirting, it only shows you are interested. Lean towards him while he is talking, smile, and make eye contact. In fact, you will end up doing these things unconsciously if you really like him.

These are some of the steps you need to take in transitioning an online date into the real world.