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Dating sites are a popular and affordable remedy for loneliness. Many are skeptical about this way of finding love, but these people just never tried such platforms. Statistics show that every ninth man in America found his wife through a marriage agency. In addition, the Internet expands the boundaries and you can avoid local limits and look for a bride around the world. For example, Latin girls are great lovers, Italians cook deliciously, Russians are very caring and French women know a lot about art. Which one would you like to have? It doesn’t matter since you can get any on the mail order wife site. Read on to learn more about girls for marriage and where to find them.


What are legit mail order bride sites?


Many men have little understanding of what international marriage agencies are and what services they offer. It’s worth immediately saying that such platforms are legal all over the world and do not offer brides for sale, but only comfortable conditions for finding true love. When you are offered buying a wife online, this means that you must pay for membership on the site to chat with girls from the catalog. By the way, absolutely all women registering with a marriage agency undergo verification to confirm the reality of the data provided. It helps to avoid fakes.


Now let's talk about international dating sites specifically. Mostly each specializes in one nationality of brides. For example, you can find Brazilian, Argentinean and Mexican girls on the Latin platforms, while Ukrainian and Russian women are registered on Slavic or European sites. But the way agencies work is similar. Men can look through a mail order bride catalog and create an account for free. However, communication with women is available only to owners of the subscription. It is worth noting that almost all marriage platforms have several levels of membership and you can buy the one that suits you the most.


Speaking of membership features, clients can use “likes”, “flirts”, instant messages, video, and audio messages, etc. Besides, dating sites have blogs where users can learn a lot about online relationships and mail order wives. You can also read local forums that are full of tips and love stories. The main function of dating sites is a matching system, where you can describe the wishes of a potential partner in detail. A platform will send you suitable accounts weekly for your approval.


How to choose a platform to find a foreign girlfriend?


There are so many international dating sites so choosing the right platform can be difficult. The main thing that you should rely on when selecting is the reputation of an agency. It’s recommended to read reviews on special forums on the Internet or ask friends who have already used the services of such platforms. There are large dating sites that are popular and have already helped thousands of couples find each other. However, you should give a chance to small agencies as well because it’s never known where your soulmate is registered.


You should also understand that good websites with great functionality and a catalog of girls require more money for membership. Free agencies often appear to be unusable due to a large number of fake accounts caused by poor monitoring. This doesn’t mean that worthy dating sites must be expensive. You just have to find a decent combination of price and quality.


How do mail order brides services operate?


It’s very easy to work with marriage agencies and here is a rough plan of action:

  1. Familiarization with the site and registration. Everyone can create an account and see the whole site including the bride catalog and price list for free, so use this to get started.

  2. Filling out a questionnaire for a matchmaking system. Imagen your ideal partner and describe him using the asked questions. The system will use this data to provide you with accounts of only those people who you like.

  3. Choose a girl and start a dialogue. To start chatting you must buy a membership or local currency to pay for actions on the site. In addition, you can send "likes" or "flirts" to show your interest.

  4. Communicate with mail order bride using platform features. Different dating sites offer different tools for online conversations, but they are all designed to help partners to know each other better.

  5. Invite a woman on a live date. This is the ultimate goal of any relationship on the Internet. If you think that communication with the bride has a chance of growing into something serious, invite her to your country.


Many men who tried a marriage agency and found their soul mate claim that this is their most advantageous investment. Matching system and regular sending of accounts for inspection free you from searching for suitable girls. Online communication is easy and fun, as all brides are friendly and relationship-oriented.


Top 5 facts you should know about mail order brides


Despite the fact that mail order bride services are very popular, many men still have little idea of these girls. Here are the top 5 facts you should know before signing up for a dating site:

  1. All the brides in the marriage agency got there of their own free will. No one forces girls to register on the site. This is their voluntary desire as they want a serious relationship with a foreigner.

  2. You will never know mail order bride cost since these girls are not for sale. Men pay only for the services of a dating site and can rely only on their experience and charm in communicating with a girl.

  3. When you read that a marriage agency guarantees to find you a mail order bride, know that these are not empty words. Firstly, all the women in the catalog are relationship and marriage-oriented, which facilitates the search for a wife. Secondly, the platforms offer the most comfortable conditions for communication that help partners get used to each other. Thirdly, you can always find many useful tips for attracting women in a blog section.

  4. You can come to the bride’s country to meet her. The term "mail order wife" means that you receive a girlfriend with home delivery, but you can visit her country for a date as well. A marriage agency can help you organize such a meeting.

  5. Good dating sites cost money. Many gentlemen believe that love should be free and this is true. However, marriage agencies do not ask you to buy a wife, but only the services of a platform for finding a worthy partner. As soon as you try it, you will realize that it is worth the price.


You must also remember that each girl is unique. It’s hard to pick a general characteristic for all mail order bride . A variety of choices ensures that you will surely find the girl you dream about.


How do marriage agencies help find love?


Many can find marriage agencies similar to social networks because here you also create an account and chat with other users. However, they have many differences. Firstly, all people who register on dating sites want to find love, therefore this is a more suitable place to search for a potential partner. Secondly, to help customers look for a soul mate, such platforms have a matching system. You fill out a questionnaire on how you see your future girlfriend or use filters in a search engine. So, the agency understands your requirements and offers only those profiles that match them.


Don’t forget about the customer support team who are always ready to help to solve the client’s problem. The love life of each member of a dating site is very important for its owners. Therefore, many platforms have special sections with useful articles on how to attract a girl or how to turn an online affair into a serious relationship. You can also always find support in forums where users discuss various issues and share experiences.


Another important function is to help in the preparation of face-to-face meetings. The fact is that it can be difficult sometimes to get a visa for some countries. Therefore, if you want to invite a girl to your place, the marriage agency can help with the preparation of documents and deal with organizational issues.


How much is a mail order bride dating cost?


Well, it’s hard to say a specific amount since each case is unique, but it’s possible to make an assumption. To get started, you must buy a membership on a dating site to access chatting with brides. The platforms offer a monthly subscription and an assortment of levels with different services. The usual minimum cost is about $20. VIP membership can cost up to $100. Let's take something in the middle, about $50 a month, for calculations. Usually, a man and a bride communicate for several months online before they meet in person. However, there are also cases of prolonged chatting, more than 5 months.


During online communication, you can give a girl real gifts, for example, send flowers or jewelry. This is not necessary but shows your interest. Next, this is the moment of a date in real life. You can invite your girlfriend to your place or come to visit her in her home country. In any case, you as a gentleman must pay all expenses. Besides that, dates are also up to you. For example, you can surprise a girl with luxurious restaurants and gifts or delight with creativity and a cozy atmosphere. 


Now you can roughly plan the cost of relations with mail order bride depending on your finances and wishes. In general, it can cost about $3000-$5000 for the entire period from the first message to the woman’s move to your home. As you probably noticed, the cost of services of international marriage agencies takes the smallest part of the investment in your personal life.


Why do girls become mail order brides?


First, you must understand the essence of this term. Mail order bride is a woman who moves to another country for a relationship and marriage with a foreigner. In the 19th century, it was popular among girls from poor parts of the world who came to rich husbands in advanced countries. However, much has changed over the past 200 years. Modern ladies are more independent and can support themselves without the help of a man. But what makes them leave their hometown and family for the sake of strangers? There are several reasons:

  • desire to find adventure and true love;

  • dream to travel or see the whole world;

  • new opportunities for self-development, career or family building;

  • thirst to meet new interesting people.


Unfortunately, there are also cases when a bride is forced to seek a partner in another country due to bad experience with local men. Girls register on international dating sites as they are disappointed in relationships with guys and want to try their luck abroad. Women who want to start a family are looking for mature men who are ready for the responsibility.